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Oct 24

Lonely Saturday Night

Just sitting at home catching up on the dvr tonight.  My girls are at their Nana’s house, my husband is at his texas hold em tournament.  Got the house all cleaned, and laundry all done.  Not tired, nothing to do.  Sometimes I enjoy my quite time, don’t get it very often.  Tonight…I do not

Oct 16


Ready for a nap

Oct 10

Beautiful Day

Its going to be 77 degrees and sunny in my neck of the woods today.  Must be our Indian summer.  Usually getting colder and dreary this time of year.  We are going to take advantage of this unseasonable weather and go to a corn maze today.  They have hayrides, pig races, a farmers market, and a pumpkin patch also.  Should be a fun family day.  Hope everybody has a great Sunday.

Oct 02

Guy: Dude, your mouth is HUGE. How many tennis balls can you fit it it?

Other Guy: I dont know, I’ve never had balls in my mouth.

” — Glee

Sep 26

Extractions!!! -

Yesterday in my dental assisting class, we were learning about extractions.  So I come home and decide to look for videos.  Really wanted to see one, before I actually saw one.  Ya know?  Since I’m such a giving person, thought I would share with you!  Enjoy!

Sep 11

From Facebook

OH HEY: Everyone remembers these things from the 90's -


who remembers…

1. Crazy Bones. You got them in little packets. Was a game where u slid this plastic figure across a flat surface to knock the opponents down. “keepsies!”..”No we said no keepsies!”

2. Pokemon cards!. I say no more. everyone had them. And traded them.

3. Nintendo 64. With the…

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Smells Like Teen Spirit was released 19 years ago today!



Smells Like Teen Spirit was released 19 years ago today!

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Sep 08

Wide awake

Switched shifts today, so I can take my daughter to her Dr. appointment.  I don’t have to go in until 3.  Here I am wide awake when I should still be sleeping.  If I was working my normal hours, I would have hit the snooze button 3 times, but since I’m not I was up before the alarm would have went off.  Don’t you just love how that works.  Oh well.  I will take this opportunity to get some laundry done and maybe a little dusting. 

Sep 04